Factory equipment

The Maxon plants contain two testing rooms for testing our surface and submersible pumps and motors. The various available configurations currently let us test products with the following characteristics:

Maximum flow rate 4500 m3/h
Maximum power 1500 kW
Maximum pressure 100 bar
Maximum supply voltage Low-voltage: 1000 V – High-voltage: 11 kV
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz


Hydraulic tolerances per ISO 9906:2012 and all levels of tolerance (including Grade 1), with the following measurements:
Flow rate| Head| NPSH
Pump power draw| Motor power draw
Overall efficiency of the unit
Efficiency of the pump| Efficiency of the motor
Power factor (Cos φ )|Rotation speed
Electrical parameters (voltage, current, frequency)

Factory group:

1.pump factory

2.casting iron factory

3.mold factory

4. aluminum injection factory.


Testing machine :

1. pump testing center

2.motor testing center

3.stator testing

4.rotator testing machine

5.impeller balance testing

6.welding quality testing


Company Philosophy

PT Olbin Pump Indonesia adapted Six Sigma its company culture which We believe in 5 steps process for continuous learning and improving to match our customer needs and be better in the process o Define - address customer needs in relation to a product or serviceo Measure - involve the use of electronic data collection to measure customer needs, response to product, or review of serviceso Analyze...


With headquarters in United Kingdom, Maxon Pump had more than 25 years of manufacturing experience under our facility in Zhe Jiang, China which was established in 1987. Maxon Pump also have manufacturing partner located in Taiwan, Italy, Pakistan and Indonesia. We produce more than 200 types of pumps yearly for different application such as water booster systems, cooling tower, fire-fighting syst...